Wash Dry Fold

Save Time – Let Us Do the Laundry

Enjoy the convenience of fresher, cleaner clothes and save your time for the things you love.

Drop off your laundry or use our Free Home Pick Up & Delivery, and we’ll return it to you clean, neatly folded and ready to wear – all in an eco-friendly, reusable Wash Dry Fold bag.

How does it work?
  • Whether you use our 14 locations or our Free Home Pick Up and Delivery, place your Wash-Dry-Fold items in a separate bag from your dry cleaning.
  • We’ll wash, dry and neatly fold everything and return it to you in a reusable blue Wash Dry Fold bag.

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Wash Dry Fold from Puritan Cleaners

Puritan Cleaners

Surveys suggest that the average American household spends 17 minutes a day on laundry. It may not sound like much, but that adds up to 2 hours a week and over 8 hours per month! Imagine what else you could do with that time if you just let us do the laundry for you. You’ll have more time to spend on the important things in life—like family, work, and friends.

Wash Dry Fold from Puritan Cleaners

Wash Dry Fold is available to home delivery customers and in-store customers.

Puritan Cleaners


  • Q: What items can be cleaned through Wash Dry Fold?

    A: We can wash, dry and fold all your laundry. Think about things you’d normally wash at home like t-shirts, jeans, workout clothes, whites, brights, floor mats, towels, and sheets.

    Make sure to place your dry cleaning items in a separate bag – we’re here for your entire wardrobe!

  • Q: How long does it take?

    A: We’ll have them ready for you within 2 business days or on your next pick-up day for home delivery customers.

  • Q: What are my pick-up days if I’m on a home delivery route?

    A: Depending on where you live, your service days will either be Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.

    Whatever we pick up on Monday we return on Thursday. Whatever we pick up on Thursday we return on Monday.
    Whatever we pick up on Tuesday we will return on Friday. Whatever we pick up on Friday we return on Tuesday. Learn more about Home Delivery and sign up here.

  • Q: Why should I use a professional cleaner for my laundry?

    A: Our commercial grade technology disinfects and sanitizes your everyday laundry like nothing you can get at home. We remove odors and germs while retaining color, shape, size, texture and all the other things you love about your clothes.

  • Q: Could I give Wash Dry Fold as a gift to someone?

    A: Yes! Our Wash Dry Fold service is a great gift for college students, the elderly, new mothers, bereavement periods and times of sickness.

  • Q: Do I have to separate my laundry by colors or delicates?

    A: No, we will sort your items for you. Don’t forget to place your dry cleaning and dress shirts in a separate bag.

  • Q: What items should not be put in the Wash Dry Fold bag?

    A: Any item that is dry clean only or any item that must be pressed, line-dried, or hand washed. Examples include cashmere sweaters, blouses, men’s dress shirts, leathers, etc.

    Point them out to us and we will happily dry clean and press those items so they receive the attention they need.

  • Q: What kind of detergent do you use?

    A: We use specially formulated, pH balanced detergent. Our proprietary blend is allergen-free, fragrance free, dye-free and anti-bacterial. Your safety is important to us, so we’ve made sure that it’s tough on dirt and stains but easy on your garments.