Dry Cleaning

Dry clean only items need professional cleaning because when submerged in water garments may become damaged or lose their shape. These pieces require the highest quality, most gentle solutions and cleaning techniques.

Whether your clothing specifies dry clean only, or you want to give some extra TLC, you can trust in Puritan Cleaners to ensure your garments come back as clean, soft, bright and stain-free as possible. Our dry cleaning services in Richmond, VA include hand-finished spotting, pressing, ironing, as well as complimentary minor repairs. If you want to look and feel your best, give your garments the care and attention they deserve, and look no further than the dry cleaning experts at Puritan Cleaners.

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Not all clothing is equal when it comes to laundering. Depending on the garment’s care label, various techniques may be suggested. In addition to items with a dry clean only tag, Puritan Cleaners recommends the following types of garments be professionally dry cleaned:

  • Suits
  • Pleated garments
  • Delicate fabric blends
  • Rayon, silk + wool
  • Leather + suede
  • Embellished garments with beading, sequins, etc.
  • Heavily stained garments

Puritan Cleaners dry cleaning process uses specialized techniques to dissolve and remove soil and stains without allowing solutions and detergents to penetrate fabric. Unlike other professional cleaning methods where garments are immersed in water, or even just partially wet, dry cleaning is just that—dry. This process removes impurities, cleans gently and effectively while reviving the garment’s color and texture.

Looking for dry cleaning service with free home delivery? Puritan Cleaners, voted Richmond’s Best Dry Cleaner for over 20 years, is your go-to for fast, professional and high quality service—and as always—it’s right, it’s ready, or it’s free!

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