Rug Fringe Repair

The fringe is the first thing to go on a rug. It’s inevitable. Years of foot traffic on individual tassels cause abrasion to the fringed areas. Vacuum cleaners and other devices within the home can cause damage as well. And they all contribute to tearing, fraying, and an eventual wearing down of the tassels or discoloration.

Most of the time we want our rugs “fixed” with new fringe because it just looks bad when the original fringe is worn. It’s a noticeable thing to fix, and it is the most common repair that comes through our doors! Now, there is a solution to your problem.

First the end must be properly secured with an overcast stitch so that the structure of the rug is sound. We then lay your new fringe along the previous area and sew it right into the rug. This process is much easier to accomplish and produces a great looking rug. The only difference is for rugs where the fringe is actually sewn into the rug which is a very expensive process to accomplish. This process is easier and less expensive while still producing a rug you will enjoy for years and years to come.

At Greenspring Rug Care, we can either completely remove the fringe from rugs for customers who have become tired and stressed with their fringe or replace existing fringe. Either way, we can make any rug with fringe brand new again with a brand new look!

Rug fringe repair from Puritan Cleaners by Greenspring