Rug Odor Removal

Even if you clean up your pet’s mess right away, there’s always that lingering odor or stained rugs. That’s because all those sprays and powders sold at stores don’t get to the root of the problem. Pet urine is quickly absorbed by rugs and padding, even soaking into the subfloor which then becomes a breeding ground for nasty, smelly bacteria. No topical spray is going to get rid of that!

Greenspring’s powerful pet stain cleaning system gets down into the fibers and neutralizes the damaging odors from your rugs. Once the pet odor removal is completed, your pets will be less likely to soil in that area. We offer a wide range of treatments including removal and replacement of contaminated padding. Just ask our sales representative for more information when you call. You can have pets and a clean rug – just trust the experts at Greenspring!

Our Process

  • Your rug is thoroughly cleaned and dried. Chances are, most odors are removed during the first wash.
  • The smell test! We check the rug for any remaining odors.
  • If the odor is still detected, we will contact you to perform our 100% guaranteed odor removal service.
  • We treat your rug in a special soaking tub and use specialized cleaning agents that are safe on your rug to remove the remaining odors.