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Delicate sheepskin fibers in Ugg boots provide the warmth and comfort that makes them so hard to take off, but also difficult to clean. Natural wool-lined sheepskin must be carefully hand cleaned in a safe, effective manner by dry cleaning experts.

At Puritan Cleaners, we’ve handled our fair share of Ugg boots and understand why they’re so loved. However, with constant wear, especially during winter, it’s inevitable that they will accumulate grime and odors, leaving them looking nothing but old and dirty. Such an investment should be cared for professionally to extend wearable life. You don’t have to buy a new pair—trust in Richmond’s best dry cleaner to bring your beloved Uggs back to life!

Puritan Cleaners’ process for cleaning Uggs involves a thorough hand cleaning inside and out, followed by stain removal techniques to remove signs of wear. Before the process is complete, our specialists will restore color and moisture back into your footwear. Once carefully cleaned and conditioned, your Ugg boots are stuffed to retain shape and placed in a climate-controlled environment for optimal drying.

Professional cleaning may leave your Uggs feeling snug. Not to worry, your like-new footwear will stretch out and remold to your foot in a wear or two.

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Ugg Footwear Care Tips

  • When not in wear, store upright in a well-ventilated place.
  • Maintain shape by stuffing them with a rolled-up magazine or paper towels.
  • Sprinkle baking powder or baby powder inside to combat odors.
  • Insoles may be machine washable—but only the insole!
  • To avoid stains and water spots, don’t wear Uggs in rain or snow.

Suggestions for at-home, DIY Ugg cleaning includes using things like toothbrushes, erasers, chalk and even vinegar. While these methods may deliver some success, nothing beats a professional cleaning that eliminates the risk for irreparable damage. Winter can wreak havoc on footwear—take your Uggs into Puritan Cleaners today for a complete cleaning!

For more care tips, or to get your Ugg boots looking like new again, stop by Puritan Cleaners or contact us at 804-355-5726.