Free American Flag Cleaning

Free American Flag Cleaning from Puritan Cleaners

Puritan Cleaners loves to see our neighbors fly their American flag high and proud. That’s why we’re happy to clean them for those in our community here in Central Virginia free of charge—and that’s true every day we’re open. Big (up to 15’x20′) or small, if it has stars and stripes, we’ll provide a complimentary cleaning!

Why Dry Clean the Star-Spangled Banner?

Soiling and discoloration of the American flag can occur from indoor and outdoor airborne pollutants, smoke, dust and dirt. Regardless of the material—nylon, polyester, cotton or wool—dry cleaning is recommended to preserve your flag’s shape, color and beauty. It is also the safest method for cleaning that maintains respect for all your flag stands for—loyalty, patriotism and freedom.

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Care Tips for Optimum Life

  • Hang outdoor flags with plenty of clearance from buildings, tree, wires, etc.
  • Do not fly your flag in snow, heavy rain or abnormally high winds.
  • When wet, always lay flat to air dry.
  • Never fold or roll a wet flag.
  • If you don’t have space to store your flag flat, loosely roll it and store in a mailing tube.
  • Proper storage temperatures are those that are comfortable for living conditions.

Puritan Cleaners Pledge Of Allegiance

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Fly your American flag proudly

We are big supporters of patriotism and we love to see our neighbors fly their US flag. That’s why we started our Puritan Pledge Of Allegiance Program many years ago. Any day, any time. We encourage all of our friends to fly their American Flag proudly.

A Flag Story:

We’ve cleaned thousands of American flags over the many years that the Pledge of Allegiance program has been in effect. Usually the flags are those that customers might hang from their front porches, but recently, a customer brought in a circa 1950 American flag with 48 stars that measured over twenty feet wide.

“The flag was brought in by Captain Tom Tokartz, a service veteran who belongs to the WWII Round Table of Central Virginia,” said Norman Way, Vice President at Puritan Cleaners. “Captain Tokartz had us clean the flag, and then presented it to the WWII Round Table at their forum on the evening of October 14th, where it was used as a backdrop for their speaker that night. He was gracious enough to invite us to come to the forum, and I have to say that we were honored to be there.” The program that evening featured a first hand account of B-29 bombing missions over Germany in 1945 from 2nd Lt. Phil True, who was a navigator on one of the planes.

Jerry Dickson, one of Puritan Cleaners’ Restoration Specialists, was responsible for cleaning the flag. “It was a bit unusual to get a flag that big, and, of course, we had to treat it gently because of its age,” said Mr. Dickson. “I think it looked great when we finished, and the customer seemed pleased, so I think everyone was happy in the end.”

“It was a privilege to help such a fine group of American heroes,” added Mr. Way. “To hear their personal stories of World War II was truly amazing. Meeting people like this is one of the best benefits to having our free flag cleaning program. It’s our hope that more people will seek them out and acknowledge them for their contributions to our country.”

Free U.S. Flag cleaning from Puritan Cleaners