Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is all about professional care. If a garment is label “Dry Clean Only”, it means improper care can cause them to become damaged – even change color or lose shape. These pieces require the highest quality, most gentle solutions and professional cleaning techniques.

Award Winning Dry Cleaning from Puritan Cleaners

Garment Care is Often as Unique as You Are!

Our award-winning team of technicians will ensure your clothing is clean, pressed and ready to wear. Life is important and your clothing is part of your brand.  In addition to items with a “dry clean only” label, Puritan Cleaners recommends the following types of garments be professionally dry cleaned to preserve the integrity of the garment:

  • Suits
  • Pleated garments
  • Delicate fabric blends
  • Rayon, silk + wool
  • Embellished garments with beading, sequins, etc.
  • Heavily stained garments

Unlike other professional cleaning methods where garments are immersed in water, dry cleaning uses less that 1% water. This makes it a perfect fit for caring for linen and other delicate fibers that are weakest when saturated with water. Dry Cleaning removes impurities, cleans gently and effectively while reviving the garment’s color and texture. We are proud to be certified as an Environmentally Friendly Cleaner.

Dry Cleaning services include hand-finished spotting, pressing, ironing, as well as complimentary minor repairs. If you want to look and feel your best, give your garments the care and attention they deserve.  The dry cleaning experts at Puritan Cleaners are ready to serve you!

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Have you ever heard of “Wet Cleaning”?

“Wet cleaning” uses low levels of water in moisture-controlled machines along with specially formulated detergents. It falls under our Dry Clean department as a tool for caring for your clothing. This technique is very effective on carbon-based stains, and is great for certain fabrics like polyester and silk. We use Wet Cleaning for many wedding dresses, neck ties, and other delicate yet heavily soiled garments with great results. After cleaning, each item is pressed and inspected by our Finishing Team to make sure everything is just right. No matter what kind of issue or stain you may have, Puritan Cleaners has the expertise to care for your most cherished items.

At Puritan Cleaners, our cleaning experts can identify the best method for professionally cleaning your garments.

No matter what tool our experts use, your garments are inspected and pre-treated before being professionally cleaned and pressed.
Could you use terrific garment care and extra time? Puritan Cleaners, voted Richmond’s Best Dry Cleaner for over 30 years, is your go-to for fast, professional and high quality service—and as always—it’s right, it’s ready, or it’s free! Try our Free Home Delivery!