Rug Binding & Serging

Rug binding is normally the cheapest technique for completing the edge of a rug. Binding the edge of a rug includes wrapping the portion of texture (by and large produced using either polyester or cotton) around the edge of the cover and sewing it set up. This is finished by a cover binding machine.

Binding benefits offer a vast selection and low cost. There are many shading choices in binding, practically any shade of rug can be coordinated. By matching the binding to the shade of the rug, the edge of the rug does not emerge and the binding mixes in with the rug. A different color could be decided for a complement, yet by and large, the binding is so thin (around one-fourth of an inch) that the general impact is somewhat unusual.

Rug Serging

Serging takes after a hand-sewn look, in spite of the fact that it is regularly done by machine. Serging takes after a thick fiber that is wrapped around the edge of the cover ceaselessly. It is frequently considered to give a higher-end look than official, and it is usually observed on produced (pre-made) territory carpets.

Serging is additionally accessible in a wide cluster of hues, albeit many spots may have less options in serging hues than in restricting hues. Serging is quite often more costly than authoritative.

Rug binding and serging from Puritan Cleaners by Greenspring