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Nutzy hosts the Ballpark Warming Party for Puritan Cleaners Coats For Kids

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The Ballpark Warming Party

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We collect coats of all sizes every November during our Coats For Kids campaign. We average over 15,000 coats collected every year.  We wash and repair them and then deliver to the Salvation Army for distribution to Central Virginia’s needy families.  With nearly 400,000 coats collected over the years, we couldn’t be more proud of our generous customers and our outstanding staff. Thanks to you, Central Virginia is a warmer place to live.

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Ballpark Warming Party

Puritan Cleaners Ballpark Warming Party with the Richmond Flying Squirrels
Puritan Cleaners teamed up with the Flying Squirrels for our 8th Annual Coats For Kids / Ballpark Warming Party on Saturday, October 29th, from 11am to 2pm. Squirrels fans were invited to come by the stadium to enjoy live music, free chili tastings, games and crafts for the the kids.  Fans are asked to donate a coat when they come in and, in return, they receive a raffle ticket and a chance to win Squirrels baseball memorabilia and other great prizes. The Ballpark Warming Party is always free of charge to fans of all ages. Last year we raised hundreds coats in just 3 hours.

How You Can Help

If you’re an individual

Every coat makes a difference and yours is much appreciated. Please drop off your coat at any Puritan Cleaners location between November 1 and November 30. The earlier the better, as your prompt contribution will allow us to clean your coat and meet the deadline for this year’s Salvation Army Christmas Center distribution. While our greatest need is kid’s coats, any size coat is appreciated and will be placed in the hands of someone in need.

If you would like to get more involved, contact the Salvation Army at (804) 225-7470 or online for volunteer information. Whether it’s a coat, your time, or money, we’d like to thank you for your generous gift.

If you’re a Business

Many businesses ask how they can become involved with Coats for Kids. The greatest help is to encourage your employees to bring the coats directly to a Puritan Cleaners location as soon as possible after November 1st. This allows better management of the coat cleaning, storage and distribution. Click here for a printable flyer that you can post in your office

Due to the large volume of coats Puritan Cleaners collects and cleans during this season and the limited resources of our staff and volunteers, we are unable to pick-up coats. If your company would like to get more involved, contact the Salvation Army at (804) 225-7470 or online for volunteer information. Puritan Cleaners and the Salvation Army would like to thank you for providing a work environment that cares for our community.

If you’re a School / Club

One of our greatest sources of childrens’ coats is from schools. If you would like to organize an event for your school, a focus on kid’s coats will be greatly appreciated. There are two basic methods for collection:

1. Send a note to all parents making them aware of the Coats For Kids coat collection at all Puritan Cleaners locations. Click here for a sample letter. (Please note that if you choose this method, Puritan Cleaners is not able to track the number of coats donated from your campaign.)

2. Hold a drive at your school where coats are brought to your location and then transferred to Puritan Cleaners in bulk. Puritan has limited availability to provide a van for pick-up if you desire. Please click here to email our team if you would like to arrange for a pick-up. We can also arrange for a photo op and a certificate of appreciation for your organization.

Coat donations are received beginning on November 1st. Due to the many paid and volunteer hours it takes to process the coats, we ask that you schedule your coat drive in order that we receive the coats by the end of the first week of December. Thanks for your interest in Coats For Kids!

Coats For Kids Resources

Click on any document below to download an 8.5″ x 11″ sized pdf file.

Puritan Cleaners Coats For Kids Flyer
Flyer with Locations

Puritan Cleaners Coats For Kids poster
CFK Poster

Puritan Cleaners Coats For Kids parent's letter
Letter To Parents

Puritan Cleaners Coats For Kids coloring page
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