Coats For Kids

Coats For Kids from Puritan Cleaners

Thank you for donating!

Since 1988, we’ve collected coats of all sizes each November for our Coats For Kids campaign.

This November, while we need all warm coats – we especially need kid’s coats. Our team at Puritan Cleaners will clean and repair each donated coat before delivering them to the Salvation Army to be distributed to local families in need.

With over 400,000 coats collected over the years, we couldn’t be more proud of our generous customers and our outstanding staff. Thanks to you, Central Virginia is a warmer place to live.

Puritan Cleaners is a partner with CBS TV 6We are proud to have WTVR CBS-TV6 as our television partner for Coats For Kids.

Help Us Sort The Coats

As you can see, our Abilene trailer is almost full!  Now it’s time to unload the trailer and sort all of the Coats For Kids donated coats at the Salvation Army Christmas Center.  You, your family, office or club can volunteer and join the fun of serving the Salvation Army on December 7th.


The Christmas Center is located at Regency Mall at the old JC Penney location this year.  We will be indoors so dress in layers as we warm up quickly as we move about.  Our task for the day is to unload coats at the loading dock, roll the racks into the center, sort the coats by size and arrange display racks to display the coats for recipients.  We have time slots for morning and afternoon with PIZZA AND DRINKS supplied at lunch time.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing a behind the scenes look at all the good the Salvation Army is doing in Greater Richmond!

Puritan Cleaners Coats For Kids

Volunteer to help Coats For Kids

How You Can Help

  • If you’re a school or business

    We’ve found that a short event gives the best return with minimal time and labor. A typical school or business sends an email or letter to parents or employees a few days in advance, then collects the coats one morning. You can drop them off at any Puritan Cleaners location or with a little planning, Puritan Cleaners will come to your location to pick the coats up – often with a friend from WTVR CBS 6 or the Richmond Christmas Mother. That’s it! It’s easy and makes a big difference in our community.

    Please click here to email our team to arrange for a Coat Drive / pick-up. Please call early, as we have limited availability for pick-ups.

  • If you’re an individual

    Every coat makes a difference and yours is much appreciated. Please drop off your coat at any Puritan Cleaners location in November. The earlier the better, as your prompt contribution will allow us to clean your coat and meet the deadline for this year’s Salvation Army Christmas Center distribution. While our greatest need is kid’s coats, any size coat is appreciated and will be placed in the hands of someone in need.

    To volunteer for our Coat Sorting Day, click here.

    If you would like to get more involved, contact the Salvation Army at (804) 225-7470 or online for volunteer information. Whether it’s a coat, your time, or money, we’d like to thank you for your support.

Coats For Kids Promotional Kit – Tools for your next coat drive.

Click on any document to download an 8.5″ x 11″ sized pdf file.

Ballpark Warming Party

Puritan Cleaners Ballpark Warming Party for Coats For Kids

Saturday, Nov 19th 11am-2pm the Flying Squirrels and WTVR CBS 6 invite all their friends and fans to donate coats in support of Puritan Cleaners Coats for Kids program. Come out to the Diamond and enjoy live music from The Hit List, hot dogs, bounce houses, monster trucks, first responder vehicles and more. In a hurry? We’ll have a drive-thru option as well. Special giveaways while supplies last! 

While warm coats for every member of the family are welcome, we especially need kids coats. You can help by donating any gently used or new coats you no longer need. 
Puritan Cleaners will clean and repair each donated coat before delivering them to the Salvation Army to be distributed to local families this Christmas season. Hope to see you there! 


Puritan Cleaners Coats For Kids