Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

For most brides, their wedding gown represents a memory of their wedding day. Cleaning, spot treating, restoring and storing your wedding gown are all vital steps for keeping the dress looking like new so you can cherish it for years to come. Whether you’re wondering how to spot clean your wedding gown, or want tips for storing and preserving your wedding gown, Puritan Cleaners is your dry cleaning, preservation and restoration expert in Richmond, VA.

Importance of Cleaning & Preserving your Wedding Gown

Your wedding day is filled with fun and excitement, but oftentimes the cost is an unsightly stain or rip in your dress. Spot cleaning a wedding gown and repairing fabric damage are services best left to professionals. It is also highly recommended to clean your wedding dress soon after your big day to avoid further settling of stains in the fabric.

At Puritan Cleaners, all wedding gowns are cared for with highest standards of quality. One of our experts will discuss with you the options to clean your wedding gown based on fabrics and embellishments. Dry cleaning and wet cleaning is typically the best method to gently, yet thoroughly clean your wedding gown. This process is a hybrid of dry cleaning that uses fabric specific conditioners. Targeted spot cleaning is included in the wedding gown cleaning service, as well.

If your dress suffered damage beyond staining, Puritan Cleaners can take care of wedding dress repairs when you bring it in for professional dry cleaning in Richmond, VA. Delicate fabrics and intricate embellishments like beads, pearls, sequins and other decorations must be handled with care. Trust in our alterations and restoration experts to bring your wedding gown back it to its former glory!

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Professional Wedding Gown Storage

Preserving a wedding dress for future generations is something Puritan Cleaners helps customers with all the time. Our Prestige Preservation service comes with a lifetime guarantee!  

Natural yellowing over time is caused by oxygen and humidity. At Puritan Cleaners, we use best practices to clean and press your wedding gown. Once cleaning is complete, your gown is packaged in a preservation box with built in window display so you can see inside at any time.  This process has been tested to ensure your wedding gown maintains its color, shape and fabric. Don’t forget your veil, accessories, and shoes—these should be preserved alongside your wedding gown, too!

Wedding Gown Cleaning & Storage Tips

While we have successfully restored gowns that are over ten years old, we recommend that you don’t wait more than 6 months post-ceremony to have your wedding gown professionally cleaned; immediately if there is significant staining and/or damage.

  • Choose a professional who clean your wedding gown on-site.
  • Store your wedding dress in a non-plastic garment bag or preservation box.
  • Keep your wedding gown in a cool, dark and dry environment.
  • Ideally your dress is stored flat, if this isn’t feasible, hang the dress from a sturdy, padded hanger, by the interior loops, not the shoulder straps.
  • Inspect your gown periodically to ensure it stays in good condition.

Give your dress the happily ever after it deserves—contact Puritan Cleaners today at 804-355-5726 to learn more about our wedding gown cleaning, restoration and preservation services.