Wildest Home Run! Puritan Cleaners Free Pants Wednesday 2012

REALLY! Everyone in the Richmond VA area gets one pair of pants cleaned free on Wednesday August 29th at any Puritan Cleaners Location. Learn more at Web Facebook Twitter http://www/ Flying Squirrels While it's not the Olympic games, Pants Wednesday is a real batman by hitting a home run for the Flying Squirrels! Please pass along to all your friends and acquaintances via Facebook and Twitter. And, we welcome you to leave a comment! We whipped out the iphone and android to take some behind the scenes shots and you'll see these when you visit our facebook page. This is our fourth year holding our Pants Wednesday special and thousands have enjoyed this free cleaning. It started as a way to gauge if social media was an effective tool for Puritan Cleaners to use for client communication. AND HOW! Once we got our confirmation, we continued the program as a THANK YOU for our customers patronage and support of our community programs such as Coats for Kids, 100,000 Meals, Cinderella Dreams and more. You can see the other PANTS WEDNESDAY videos on or channel A special thanks to Bob Weirup of Taylor-Weirup Marketing in Richmond who helps both in creation and delivery of our crazy ideas. He truly is a part of our team! Puritan Cleaners where your garments are receive the quality care you deserve!

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