Puritan Cleaners' Free Pants Wednesday 2015

Wednesday, 7/22/15 EVERYONE in the Richmond VA area gets one pair of pants cleaned FREE! Please share our video here or at We hope you enjoy our parody of Geico's commercial that featured Caleb the Camel and was created by Richmond's own Martin Agency. We are thankful for our friends at Free Agents Marketing who allowed us to use their office for a couple of hours to shoot the scenes. A very special thanks to Bob Weirup of Weirup Marketing who shot and edited our video. Puritan Cleaners has held this one day event for several years in part as a thank you to all our great customers as well as an opportunity to be goofy and bring some levity to our workplace. Be sure to drop in during the week before our event to see all our employees 'crazy pants'. *In accordance with copyright laws; this TV spot was not transmitted or broadcast.

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