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Ski & snow apparel cleaning from Puritan Cleaners

Proper care and cleaning of winter outerwear is critical to maintaining the quality of waterproof fabrics so you can enjoy winter activities all season long.  

Snow sports are a popular activity in Virginia, but if winter apparel isn’t properly cleaned and cared for you’ll quickly find you aren’t as dry and warm as you should be on the slopes. Count on Puritan Cleaners to get you ready for ski and snow season!

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Winter outerwear and apparel are unique in that they contain special coatings that keep you dry and comfortable. The water repellent exterior and breathable interior are what make these garments suitable for extreme outdoor conditions. Professional dry cleaning of ski and snow gear before and after the season is highly recommended.

The interior of ski and snow apparel contains microscopic pores. Dirt and buildup disrupts breathability and waterproofing properties by clogging the pores which encourages water vapor to soak through as opposed to rolling right off. Dry cleaning ski and snow apparel opens the pores and enhances clothing performance. Puritan Cleaners’ methods for dry cleaning winter outerwear will safely and effectively clean the garment while maintaining its comfort and functionality.

Bring us all your ski and snow gear for professional cleaning, including…

  • Ski jacket
  • Ski pants
  • Thermal base layers
  • Gloves
  • Hats

Let Puritan Cleaners ensure you look and feel better on the slopes!Contact us today at 804-355-5726 for snow apparel dry cleaning.