Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is the safest, most environmentally-friendly garment cleaning alternative method to traditional dry cleaning, utilizing gentle washing machines, biodegradable soaps and conditioners.

Even if your garments don’t specify dry clean only, it doesn’t mean the fabric can’t benefit from a thorough professional cleaning. At Puritan Cleaners, our cleaning experts can identify the best method for professionally cleaning your garments—through either dry cleaning or wet cleaning methods. In either approach, garments are inspected and pre-treated before being professionally cleaned and pressed.

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Whether it’s a machine washable dress shirt or dry clean only bedding, our wet cleaning service brings back softness, texture and color. In addition to clothing, there are many linens and home furnishings that Puritan Cleaners can professionally clean, including:

  • Pillows + covers
  • Down comforters
  • Bedspreads + blankets
  • Fine table linens
  • Window treatments

Puritan’s water based cleaning services give garments and home furnishings the care and attention they deserve. State-of-the-art programmable washing machines control the temperature, water volume, soap level and agitation each load requires. Only the safest, mildest detergents are used. Specialized dryers tumble dry items gently without fabric damage or shape distortion. After being inspected for quality, your items are fresh, bright, clean and ready for pickup or free home delivery!

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At Puritan Cleaners it’s right, it’s ready or it’s free! To learn more about eco-friendly wet cleaning, or for information on our shirt laundering services, contact us today at 804-355-5726.