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Free Storage at Puritan Cleaners

Free Up Closet Space with Free Garment Storage

Tired of packing up and rotating out your wardrobe when the seasons change? Forget the storage bins, extra hangers and hassle storing away last season’s garments—Puritan Cleaners offers free storage for all your seasonal attire.

Bring us your bulky winter items like sweaters and coats in the spring, and we’ll safely store them away. Puritan Cleaners free storage service isn’t limited to winter items—we’ll store your lightweight summer clothing as well making sure it’s fresh once spring has sprung!

Let us know if you’d like dry cleaning included in your storage service—we’ll be happy to get garments in cleaned, pressed and in ready to wear condition!

Get ready for fall with Ugg cleaning today!

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Why store seasonal clothing with Puritan?

Winter items commonly stored include woolen garments like sweaters, suits, slacks, skirts, as well as high-end fabrics like furs, leather and suede. Warm weather attire like silks, linens, tropical wool and other fine lightweight fabrics should be properly stored in the winter and fall.

Proper storage and preservation of certain garments is critical to their longevity. Many items require special storage techniques to avoid irreparable damage that may occur due to the delicateness of the fabric or skin, as well as from harmful environmental conditions and temperatures at home you may be unaware are jeopardizing garment quality. Let Puritan Cleaners ensure your clothing stays in pristine condition all year long!

Top 5 Clothing & Garment Storage Tips
  • Always store clothing in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location.
  • For hanging tops, coats and jackets use padded hangers or wooden suit hangers.
  • If the garment has hanger loops, use them!
  • Opt for air-tight storage bins if you’re unable to hang garments.
  • Never hang, always fold sweaters.

To learn more about our high quality dry cleaning services, or to take advantage of our free seasonal storage, contact Puritan Cleaners today at (804) 355-5726.