Comforters & Blankets

Puritan Cleaners cleans blankets and comforters

Household linens, blankets and comforters are a significant investment that add to the luxury and comfort of your home, therefore such items should be treated with the same care and attention as your finest clothing.  

Puritan Cleaners understands the intention of wanting to launder dry-clean only comforters and blankets at home. However, we advise you to take caution. Like garments marked with a dry-clean only label, that same reasoning applies to bedding and linens.

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Feathers, down, natural fibers, and other delicate fabrics or fluffy fills are commonly used in blankets and comforters to make them soft, warm, and comforting. Puritan Cleaners uses only the highest quality processes and state-of-the-art equipment to safely and effectively dry clean blankets and bedding made of these materials.

Household Linen & Bedding Dry Cleaning in Richmond, VA

Puritan Cleaners utilizes dry cleaning and wet cleaning methods to clean various types of bedding, linens and other household textiles. We believe that for you to understand the value in professional cleaning, it’s important to explain why dry clean only labels exist on these items. Dry cleaning comforters and blankets, even just once, removes dirt and stains more effectively than frequently laundering in the washing machine at home—without the risk of irreparable damage.

Why dry clean comforters & blankets?
  • Maintain color and fabric
  • Ensure no shrinkage or shape distortion
  • Prevent accumulation of dust, allergens and other harmful particles
  • Eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals or cleaning agents
  • Gently, yet effectively cleans without high-speed agitation or spinning
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At Puritan Cleaners, we care just as much about your fine linens and bedding as we do your most high-end clothing. Voted Richmond’s Best Dry Cleaner for over 20 years, trust in us for fast, professional, high-quality dry cleaning of all your household textiles and other garments for dry cleaning in Richmond, VA. And as always, it’s right, it’s ready or it’s free.

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