Snow Updates

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UPDATE 8:20pm January 13, 2019

Our area has been spared the worst of the snow but there is a chance of icing this evening.  For this reason, Puritan Cleaners stores will be opening at 9:00am Monday.  We will not be able to guarantee same day service on Monday.

COUNTERS: Please have counters staffed and ready to serve customers by 9:00am.

PRODUCTION: All finishers and shuttles should begin work at 9:00am.

EARLY CLEANERS:  Early Cleaners are asked to arrive at 7:00am in order to clean ahead.

SUPPORT:  Please arrive at 8:30am in order to ensure we have support were needed for  our team as we start the day.

ROUTES: Routes should arrive at the depot in time to prepare for a 9:00am departure. All trucks will be held until at least 9:00am.  Be sure to wear appropriate footwear.

SAFETY:  Please drive and walk safely.  We love you and want you to be safe!

We recommend employees check here at least 2 hours prior to your shift for further details should there be changes.

Be safe and thank you for being available for your customers.